The Covid-19 pandemic is taking a toll on supply chains – the network of companies (suppliers) that Teknor Apex works with to produce and distribute its end products. Business survival depends on knowing how to keep production going when something disrupts the supply chain, as COVID-19 has done. Teknor Apex needs to determine how to keep a pulse on the health of their partners, suppliers and customers, in order to keep operations moving forward.

Teknor Apex needs strategies focused on supply-chain recovery amid coronavirus:

  • Create transparency on multitier supply chains, or establishing processes to ensure that data and information is being openly shared among all company partners, shareholders, customers and other key stakeholders
  • Perform an analysis of available inventory throughout the supply chain
  • Assess realistic final-customer demand and respond to (or, where possible, contain) customer buying behavior
  • Identify and secure logistics capacity. For instance, collaborating with partners to increase capacity and studying and implementing different transportation options are two strategies examples.
  • Manage cash and net working capital by running stress tests to understand where supply-chain issues will start to cause a financial impact – this can be accomplished through business processes such as internal forecasting capabilities to understand capital needs on weekly and monthly bases.

Mission Statement

8PEX Consulting aims to resolve and anticipate supply chain disruptions through company transparency within all levels of communication and data collection. We are dedicated to ensuring health and safety while maintaining the integrity and core values of each company.

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