Before COVID-19, most of our sales occurred during face-to-face networking events. These events were held several times per year and at many different venues. The attendees were architects, designers and contractors, and the events were specifically geared toward the luxury homes. The networking allowed us to build personal relationships with these groups, which opened the door to specific discussions about upcoming projects. This helped us generate leads for 40% of our business. Covid-19 has taken these events away. We are using many of the available social media tools available, however the personal connection seems to be lost. Covid-19 has eliminated the company’s number one way to secure clients, and less business is threatening employment security for the workforce.

Herrick & White is looking for ideas:

  • What are other strategies that will help Herrick & White continue operations? Should we think about targeting customers beyond luxury homebuilders (For example: lower-income households, commercial buildings)
  • Are there other methods beyond social media tools that will provide the greatest connection to existing and potential customers, like virtual events?
  • To help understand whether we should expand our target customers, we need an analysis of the existing market, and whether our service is needed in these new markets.
  • What are the pros and cons of expanding into a new market? Is there an opportunity for us to have an advantage?

Mission Statement

Restoring human connection in a technological and uncertain world, that is constantly advancing, necessitates client and business relationship. ReImagine aims to strengthen the ability of all businesses to maintain a wholesome and genuine connection with their customer base.

Corporation Departments

Marketing & Communication

  • A. Garcia
  • E. Spahn
  • G. Torres Quezada
  • K. Fisher
  • R. George

Business & Finance

  • C. Lussier
  • C. Leach
  • D. Diallo
  • J. Tejada
  • M. Herrera
  • W. Sanchez

Research & Development

  • A. Denise
  • B. Collins
  • J. Bonilla
  • J. Tenas
  • M. McCarthy
  • M. Mendoza
  • M. Janicki
  • S. Newlin

Community Development

  • A. Castro
  • D. Andrade
  • I. Garcia
  • S. Finder
  • M. Medina


  • C. Leach
  • W. Sanchez
  • J. Tejada
  • M. Janicki



K. Bertram

C. Diaz

C. Erickson

L. Page

G. Phillipo

Business Coaches

G. Rousseau