Kenzan prides itself on a strong and inclusive company culture, a key part of which is how we onboard our new employees. Due to COVID-19 and a new initiative of hiring internationally, we need to update our onboarding process to make sure that new hires are fully engaged in the team, even if they haven’t met them in person.

To address this problem, Kenzan needs new strategies to help with the following challenges:

  • Creating a safe and inclusive space where new and existing team members can feel connected to each other.
  • Since we are a small team, each person’s role and onboarding process are highly personalized. Kenzan is interested in figuring out how to template and standardize this process as much as possible, so everyone has a good experience and stills feels like the onboarding is tailored to their needs.
  • Pre-COVID, many folks would get to meet the new person on their first day in the office. Without this experience, we need to make sure everyone is aware of this new person and who they are, even if they won’t work with them directly
  • Our current offices are in Providence, Denver, New York and Guadalajara, but we are now looking to hire in the UK, Israel, and other countries. We need to ensure that we are considering geographical and cultural needs.

Mission Statement

Through the use of digital mediums, we strive to bring new employees into their company’s communal atmosphere with a welcoming and personable onboarding experience. We yearn to bring back the unity in community by connecting people across the globe, creating a more connected work experience.

Corporation Departments

Marketing & Communication

  • C. Suarez
  • G. Thammana
  • K. Duska
  • K. Rose
  • S. Roberts

Business & Finance

  • B. Almanza
  • D. Madden
  • H. Williams
  • M. Fernandez Vallejo
  • M. Nassif
  • D. Manston

Research & Development

  • D. Cambra
  • L. Morel
  • M. Lessard
  • M. Barbosa
  • S. Puthawala
  • F. Sheikh

Community Development

  • E. Rich
  • J. Garcia
  • J. Barrientos
  • S. Nunez
  • T. Adelani
  • W. Carvalho


  • B. Almanza
  • W. Carvalho
  • D. Madden
  • S. Nunez
  • J. Garcia



A. Bailey

K. Carmichael

J. Kelly

K. Pisano

Business Coaches

K. Folgo