The Empowerment Factory (TEF) understands that social distancing and remote work will have an impact on the company’s core activities, which incorporates hands-on activities with social emotional learning.

The Empowerment Factory is looking to develop outreach around the Creativity Contests and figure out ways to have virtual events for fall Healthy Living Community Adventure (HLCA).

To address this problem, the Empowerment Factory needs new strategies to:

  • Help develop virtual events for the 5 monthly “Creativity Contests” or, if in-person programs, develop strategies that follow social distancing guidelines:
  • Create a marketing campaign across channels and platforms
  • Create new strategies to communicate with all elementary schools in the state and connect with children when they are out of school.
  • Find ways to highlight the Baldwin Loop walking path – perhaps there are apps that could be created or used?
  • Create virtual activities around health, wellness, happiness and art

Mission Statement

We aim to support The Empowerment Factory’s goals by establishing a virtual platform that helps youth develop the skills they need to succeed in life and increasing program involvement. By inspiring parents and young children to join virtually, 4W.A.R.D. Together will aid The Empowerment Factory in continuing to make a difference in Rhode Island communities while still practicing social distancing guidelines.

Corporation Departments

Marketing & Communication

  • A. Galarraga
  • K. Culhane
  • S. Goulin
  • S. Herrera

Business & Finance

  • A. Reyes
  • B. Joyce
  • I. Krajacich
  • J. Libby
  • M. Lynch
  • S. Hammer
  • T. Cooper

Research & Development

  • A. Bard
  • A. Lora
  • F. Cuevas Estevez
  • J. Keefe
  • K. Girish
  • L. Copado
  • R. Germosen
  • C. Wong
  • J. Harrod

Community Development

  • A. Martinez
  • C. Martinez
  • I. Mendieta
  • N. Cafaro


  • K. Culhane
  • A. Lora
  • J. Libby
  • S. Hammer
  • S. Goulin



K. Doern

S. Gimilaro

B. Paliotta

W. Wallace

Business Coaches

A. Alvarado