Our organization is challenged by staff shortages, high turnover, lack of training dollars, and insufficient funding to meet people’s needs such as limited/accessible transportation (especially in remote areas), social acceptance and community resistance. Even prior to COVID, agencies struggled with recruiting and keeping staff members, which directly impacted the individuals’ ability to fully access all aspects of their community (social, employment, religious, civic, education, health…). Families and other caregivers are at risk economically and emotionally with very few resources available to offset the burden of care. With COVID-19, that challenge has grown exponentially and with greater risk to all. The goal for Access Point is to “Reimagine a more inclusive and accessible world for all with the advent of COVID-19.”

We are looking for new and creative ideas and strategies:

  • We should need to explore different ways to advocate for this underserved population. How can we recruit and retain staff members?
  • How can we better be using social media and communication tools to get our message out more broadly and reach candidates?
  • How can we educate the community on supporting differently abled populations?
  • What community resources are available for differently abled populations, like accessible transportation, community events?

Mission Statement

Our goal at The Outreach Project is to promote and modernize the presence of companies to ensure they come out on “TOP” by improving workplace satisfaction and online presence.

Corporation Departments

Marketing & Communication

  • A. Maxwell
  • E. Amsden
  • J. Chhin
  • R. Barrionuevo

Business & Finance

  • A. Gjergji
  • A. Reyes
  • E. Nash
  • E. Peguero
  • R. Brown
  • R. Guerrero
  • T. Clark

Research & Development

  • A. Shaik
  • A. Dieng
  • C. Zoaryan
  • E. Lynch
  • J. Balcom
  • J. Rangel
  • L. Flores

Community Development

  • A. Vollucci
  • B. Quell
  • H. Dewornu
  • M. Paulino


  • E. Amsden
  • B. Quell
  • A. Gjergji
  • E. Lynch
  • A. Shaik



D. Bibeau

R. Carmody

A. Gleason

A. Hunley

J. Savoie

Business Coaches

K. Gutierrez