The RI Office of the Postsecondary Commissioner (OPC) manages the Westerly Education Center and is expanding into Northern Rhode Island. How can we safely re-open and continue workforce training and development programs at Westerly Education Center and similar facilities throughout Rhode Island due to COVID-19?

  • WEC must find innovative ways to make current and future employees comfortable and safe in workforce training and development programs throughout RI. Not all programs can be delivered remotely and must be done in person in a hands-on environment.
  • We need to understand the new workforce challenges facing employers in the age of COVID and what we can offer to support those challenges.
  • WEC must understand the re-opening plans for CCRI, RIC and URI and how they could be applied to Westerly Education Center and other workforce training facilities.

Mission Statement

The mission of ReviveRI is to aid our partners in reopening their facilities for both the faculty and students in a safe and comfortable manner to allow for access to continued education and workforce preparation for Rhode Islanders.

Corporation Departments

Marketing & Communication

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Business & Finance

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  • S. Ferns

Research & Development

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  • C. Chin
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  • E. Madriaga
  • J. Nicoll
  • J. Benzant
  • R. Morin
  • Z. Khan
  • A, Maddock-Mark

Community Development

  • F. Paris
  • L. Vasquez
  • S. Husband


  • Z. Khan
  • F. Paris
  • A. Tavarez
  • N. Croce
  • C. Chin



M. Bireley

C. Costa

D. Hutson

E. Smith

Business Coaches

O. Reyes