Since Covid-19, HarborOne has been unable to deliver youth financial education to classrooms and afterschool programs throughout RI. We are challenged with taking existing curriculum for elementary and middle school age students, make it interactive and easy to deliver virtually while meeting the Department of Education standards. It is more important than ever to continue deliver financial education to our youth, so they can form good savings habits now and set forth on a path to financial success.

HarborOne Bank believes that a person is never too young to learn how to plan for their financial future, and our financial literacy education reached over 6,300 youth in 2019, but so far in 2020 we have only reached 1,600.

HarborOne Bank needs new strategies to reach more youth in today’s environment:

  • What options exist for game-based learning platforms where we can transfer our curriculum and deliver it in a fun and interactive way?
  • How can we make sure the curriculum meets the Department of Education’s standards for financial literacy?
  • How can we be sure teachers will embrace using the technology and see it as an enhancement to their classroom curriculum?
  • What marketing strategy can we use to promote virtual programs to schools and after school programs throughout the state?
  • How can we engage students to become ambassadors of financial education? What tools and resources could we provide to them, so they are excited to bring financial education to their families?

Mission Statement

At Financial Youth Education Success we aim to assist in the betterment of youth through empowering students to utilize an accessible, interactive, and informative platform in order to assure financial success after graduation.

Corporation Departments

Marketing & Communication

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Business & Finance

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  • J. Christina
  • L. Garcia
  • M. Kelley
  • R. Xu
  • J. Azevedo

Research & Development

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  • C. Chhem
  • C. McKenna
  • F. Dooley
  • J. Montour
  • M. Scott
  • R. Mercedes
  • X. Marquez
  • R. Borges

Community Development

  • M. Fisher
  • A. Robitaille
  • E. Wheeler
  • L. Pelham
  • S. Mendez


  • J. Azevedo
  • F. Dooley
  • R. Xu
  • C. McKenna
  • M. Kelley



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A. Duffault

D. Hebert

K. Martone

P. Thompson

Business Coaches

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