Diversity matters at Amgen

We believe that an environment of inclusion fosters innovation, which drives our ability to serve patients. Our global presence is strengthened by having a workforce that reflects the diversity of the patients we serve. The West Greenwich Amgen site is expanding with the opening of our new state of the art biomanufacturing facility. As we hire for our growing business, we desire a diverse pool of talented candidates from Rhode Island schools. COVID-19 has forced us to cancel in-person recruitment events, college fairs, and other events which help us recruit a diverse pipeline, so we are seeking strategies that will specifically target a more diverse workforce in the face of the pandemic:

  • How do we outreach to diverse communities and generate a strong desire to work for and make a difference at Amgen?
  • How can we tap into the pool of diverse and talented college graduates interested in biotechnology careers that have already learned about the industry?
  • How can we generate interest in learning about STEM fields, especially the life sciences and engineering among middle and high school students?
  • How can we continue to provide a hands-on experience in today’s environment in the areas of laboratory, research, internships or Amgen Biotech Experience, given the current regulations and keeping safety in mind?

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help Amgen safely recruit a diverse pool of candidates, and engage the future workforce to generate interest in STEM and Amgen.

Corporation Departments

Marketing & Communication

  • C. George
  • J. Guzman
  • J. Reyes
  • N. Ok

Business & Finance

  • A. Valenzuela
  • A. Perez
  • D. Pina
  • J. Kustell
  • L. Eberman
  • M. Shah
  • R. Barbosa
  • R. Rosales

Research & Development

  • A. Vallejo
  • C. Frost
  • E. Aso
  • E. Perkins
  • J. Russo
  • K. Candelier
  • M. Veliz
  • V. Narciso

Community Development

  • A. Weisensee
  • E. Williams
  • K. Crum
  • S. LaValley


  • J. Kustell
  • A. Weisensee
  • C. Frost
  • E. Perkins
  • C. George



T. Clements

J. Lytle

K. Priester

K. Scampoli

S. Schroeder

T. Urban

Business Coaches

Y. Bolger