COVID-19 has made it difficult, and in many cases, impossible for loved ones to visit their family members and friends when hospitalized. Lifespan will need to develop multiple ways to implement various patient visitation strategies during the various stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. This will most likely look different during each of the state’s re-opening phases.

To address this problem, Lifespan needs to:

  • Develop creative ideas and remote strategies on how patients can be safely visited so that they can maintain communication with their loved ones.
  • Develop a roll-out plan for the new visitation policies, including identifying all of the steps that need to be taken in order to execute the identified ideas.
  • Develop a marketing plan to promote the new hospital visitation plan(s) to the greater community, patients, families and hospital staff.

Mission Statement

Provide Lifespan a system for patient visitation depending on the severity of COVID-19 in the surrounding area. “Bringing people together, while remaining apart.”

Corporation Departments

Marketing & Communication

  • H. Konte
  • H. St. Germain

Business & Finance

  • E. Fang
  • K. Shah
  • O. Avelino
  • P. Garcia
  • R. Padilla

Research & Development

  • A. Cardenas
  • A. Carrasco
  • B. Olivo
  • C. Weeden
  • D. Mansoor
  • H. Mota
  • K. Atkinson
  • M. Kyne
  • S. Tapia

Community Development

  • A. Olonilua
  • E. Korte
  • J. Diaz
  • R. Rivera
  • S. Mejia
  • Y. Ibarra


  • K. Shah
  • O. Avelino
  • E. Fang
  • C. Weeden
  • D. Mansoor



B. Ferreira

D. Mendoza

C. Sheehan

Business Coaches

M. Ferreira