Wind turbine manufacturers along with currently pending development projects are feeling the sting of the COVID-19 pandemic, in large part due to disruptions in supply chains. COVID-19 disruptions have also created construction challenges with new rules for worker health, safety, and social distancing requirements.

The WindWinRI Innovation Challenge will offer students the opportunity to identify, research and offer business solutions for businesses actively engaged in offshore wind project development in Rhode Island, looking to advance renewable energy solutions and looking to overcome COVID-19 business disruptions.

To help we need students to:

  • Perform research to better understand the value and economic impact of the Rhode Island Offshore Wind Sector, such as project costs, return on investment, project development and onsite labor impacts and state/local revenue and supply chain impacts
  • Consider Predictable and Cost Efficient Permitting and Siting Processes for Offshore Wind Development in Rhode Island including: Location & Siting, Environmental Impact, Stakeholder Education, Community Education & Acceptance, Permitting Requirements.
  • Build a Sustainable Logistics, Operations Coordination, and new Supply Chain Small Business Support System:
  • Logistics, Local Industrial Support, Local Workforce/Supply Chain Development, Local Shipping/transportation capabilities, Worker Training, Education & Certification

Mission Statement

At AtlanticWindsRI we delve deeply into the scientific and political factors behind offshore wind technology, aiming to ease the process towards a cleaner energy system, despite the difficulties presented by the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Corporation Departments

Marketing & Communication

  • A. Mouw
  • J. Matteson
  • R. Fians
  • Rodriguez

Business & Finance

  • A. Ribeiro
  • B. Browne
  • B. Mazo
  • E. Sherlock
  • J. Perez
  • J. Martinez
  • R. Jawed
  • T. Carroll

Research & Development

  • A. Adewusi
  • C. Lawler
  • C. Perez
  • E. Brouillette
  • J. Jaworski
  • J. Dorce
  • R. Trunzo

Community Development

  • A. Shaw
  • G. Urizar
  • V. Pamphile
  • A. Montesino


  • R. Jawed
  • R. Fians
  • T. Carroll
  • A. Adewusi
  • R. Trunzo



P. Abetti

T. Moquin

J. Shah

Business Coaches

S. Rittscher